The Kisser
Love can't be described..

It's like you are the breath i'm breathing..

...i feel so alive having you...don't you dare to leave me rite NOW.

i'm absolutely so in love with you.

tak sabar nak jumpa kamu..........

The Kisser
Quick posting.



The Kisser
Yeah...sungguh lama saya tidak update my blog..dah berkulat dah ne...kikiki
it's been over a month rite now since i'm attached with someone..claps2.:D
i dunno what is in ur mind about me...
answerrr me plzzzzzzzzzzz..

The Kisser
Finally,everything is almost over.Even I still have few things to get done.But its alright,i can catch my breathe again..yeyyy.My exam is about to come,study mode?not yet...The focus is still not there.Hope I'll get it soon.It's been really2 long time i haven't written any of my activities, coz i was so buzy and i had nothing to say.

The first event was successful and unexpected.I never thought that we could gather so many crowd and participations on that day.But we(we4ia team) managed to organize this big event smoothly even with some flaws but its ok coz that was our first event.I can remember how our EM(Fatin) looked when the troubles came..hahaha.Sorry Fatin.Thanx to the crews and MC for making our event outstanding and rememberful.A big thanks too to my friends who supported our event.Muwahhhx.God knows what happened before the event.

I'd say thank you here to my team members (Fatin,Alya,Alyn,Nora,Reef,Dell,Wanie) who worked hard to make this event.U guys deserve full marks..I'll post some pictas later when I get them.

C Ya...Talk To You Later.

The Kisser
The Kisser
I dont know why my mood swings to some happy mode..i m happy today coz my work is done and i just watched this romantic sad indonesian movie tittled great..the cast are bombastic..Andhika Pratama is way hotter in this movie compared to another movie like Love is Cinta. His body is hot and his face is kissable..haha..enough2. i'll post his pic in case you have no idea how he looks.

xioxio bellas
The Kisser
I'm away from weekend entertainment this week..My pocket is dry as I've spent A LOT lately..I dont think its unusual work is still pending..I know its not a tough work but it takes me courage to get it done especially its weekend.Lazy Lazy weekend.

"To my friends, lets save our pocket and dont get it dried..its
painfull.really realy painfull."